The Women’s March: A Noble Cause Led by Ignoble People 1/3/19

January 19 commemorates the third anniversary of the Women’s March.

In an environment still often hostile and sexist toward women, the March has called attention to fundamental issues of concern to women and men.  Unfortunately, many supporters of this noble cause are worried about the ignoble statements issued by national leaders of the March.

Point #1: Antisemitism is excluded from the organization’s unity principles. How can this be?

Point #2: Last year, two of the organization’s leaders, Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour offered support for Louis Farrakhan and his anti-Semitic diatribes.

Due to two above factors, many March supporters have been betrayed. Tragically, a cherished cause supported by millions has been hijacked by leaders, who are indifferent to the concerns of American Jews.  These leaders are supporting the kind of hatred and ignorance they claim to oppose.

The Women’s March has addressed essential topics, such as the Equal Rights Amendment, health care reform and protection against various types of discrimination. Bigotry against Jews should be one form of discrimination never condoned by the March national leadership.

Fortunately, an overwhelming majority of progressive people have no patience for antisemitism.  The pursuit of women’s rights and positive national change cannot be undermined by any divisive rhetoric against the Jewish people.

I am sure that many Rabbis would gladly volunteer their time to offer the March leaders a few lessons in ancient and contemporary Jewish history.  Better that than the disintegration of a Movement, which has mobilized, united and empowered so many…