Jews in the News Updates march 2019

  •  As many of your know, I met recently(along with four colleagues) with Ireland’s Consul General Ciaran Madden, to discuss the pending measure in Ireland’s legislature to officially support BDS.  Ireland’s governing administration is opposed to BDS, yet there is great support for BDS from opposition leaders.  The New York Board of Rabbis remains vigilant in this area when it comes to communication with foreign leaders stationed in New York City.
  • UN Watch has just written about the Islamic Republic of Iran being appointed to serve on the UN’s Working Group on Communications on the Status of Women.  This is not a joke. The appointment comes a day after the Iranian regime sentenced women’s rights lawyer Nasrin Sotudeh for 38 years imprisonment (and 148 lashes). Her crime:  Advocating for human rights. Iran’s appointment is further proof of the UN’s shameful support for nations with the most egregious human rights records on the planet.
  • The  UN Human Rights Council has accused Israeli soldiers of “crimes against humanity” for defending the Gaza border. The UN Watch’s  Hillel Neuer challenged these accusations by saying: “… let me be the first to state for the record that everything we just heard from the world’s worst dictatorships, and their apologists, is unfounded, unreal and untrue.”                     While Israel must defend its borders from not-so- innocent attacks, the UN Human Rights Council will continue its unconscionable attacks on Israel this  Monday, March 18th. There will be 7 biased reports & 5 one-sided resolutions. UN Watch is planning a rally outside the Council’s facility in Geneva, where the HRC will meet.  One again, the UN’s single minded focus on Israel suggests that there is little here about human justice and everything about antisemitism.