In Memory of 9/11 (2019)

In Memory of 9/11

During World War Two, an accidental US bombing of Prague led to considerable loss of life. Over the years, American soldiers repeatedly shared their sorrow and regrets over the mistake; the bombing was intended for Dresden and not for Prague (the two cities shared similar features). The American soldiers could not undo their horrible error, but at least their operation was not result of any diabolical or contemptuous plot to murder innocent people.

The 9/11 attacks in NY and Washington were deliberate and barbaric operations to indiscriminately kill as many innocent civilians as possible. As we will always memorialize the 2,606 individuals killed in the Twin Towers, we will also mourn the world’s loss of humanity and honor. The 9/11 perpetrators carried out their ‘mission’ willfully. Their only regret would have been that they did not kill more than they did.

When I lit the Hanukkah Menorah at Ground Zero following the attack, the massive clean up and repair had hardly begun. In front of me was the indescribable evidence of the attacks; a sea of devastation indicative of a war zone. This could not be a scene in New York City, yet it was.

As we commemorate 9/11,I can offer no soothing or reassuring words of comfort. My hope is that peace loving individuals around the globe will re-affirm their sense of humanity and honor; pledging to do all within our power to treat everyone as created in the image of God. i can also hope that in speech and deed, we will respect those who differ from us in faith, skin color, gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political philosophy. Such is the only way to both mourn the dead and honor the living.