Presidents Welcome

Thank you for visiting our website. We as Jews have a very long history of welcoming guests into our “home.” Abraham established the tradition of “הכנסת אורחים, welcoming guests, when he invited three visitors into his and Sarah’s tent. We too welcome you. Bricks and mortar do not tell the story of a synagogue but they do reflect the feelings of its members. From the moment you drive into our property you are surrounded by the lush greenery and trees that embellish our home.

Our newly renovated rotunda, sanctuary, and social hall reflect our desire to provide our members and guests with an environment that they can feel comfortable in. We hope to give you the opportunity of entering our portals as an individual and exit as part of a community. As we introduce our newly designed website we invite you to explore, read, comment and suggest. We are glad you came to give us a look. If you like what you see, come join us anytime and give us the opportunity of welcoming you to our home!