Ki Tavo and a Declaration For All Time 9/19/19

        Ki Tavo and a Declaration For All Time   In just a few weeks we will pay homage to our loved ones; fondly remembering them during the Yom Kippur Yizkor. In the midst of an all-day self-reflection, we express extreme gratitude for the cherished people, whose dedication and self-sacrifice enhanced our lives.

8/29/19 Re’eh: The Choice is Ours

Re’eh: The Choice is Ours… See, this day I set before you blessing and curse… First verse in Torah portion Re’eh Travelling in Prague this past summer, I had the honor of speaking (twice) at the Masorti/Conservative Synagogue in the old Jewish Quarter. Among the interesting people I met were two, young individuals...

Ki Tetze: Fitting the Pieces Together

Shabbat Shalom From Rabbi Klayman September 12, 2019 12 Elul 5779       Ki Tetze: Fitting the Puzzle Pieces Together On Cape Cod, this past summer, I finally did an activity, members of my family have enjoyed for years: Escape Room. Escape Room is an inter-personal, cooperative activity in which players solve clues to

Pekuday: Taking Inventory for the Future

  When it comes to income tax returns, the process does not conclude until the IRS obtains our documents-and our checks- in hand. Yet, I always feel a great sense of relief after gathering my records and submitting then to the accountant. What follows now rests in his capable hands. Our annual tax ritual reflects

Ki Tissa: Taking Responsibility???

    I never liked playing the blame game. For issues large and small; global or personal, finding a culprit when things go wrong is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Designating a goat makes us smug, superior or simply in control. Too often we designate a goat when circumstances are either beyond our control or the

Portion of Tetzaveh: Preserving Our Uniqueness

  This past Monday I joined four colleagues at Ireland’s Consulate in New York. We met with Ciaran Madden, Consul General of Ireland, to discuss his government’s impending vote supporting BDS. As we fortunately learned, the administration which Ciaran represents is opposed to any BDS legislation. However, Ireland’s...