Pekuday: Taking Inventory for the Future

  When it comes to income tax returns, the process does not conclude until the IRS obtains our documents-and our checks- in hand. Yet, I always feel a great sense of relief after gathering my records and submitting then to the accountant. What follows now rests in his capable hands. Our annual tax ritual reflects

Ki Tissa: Taking Responsibility???

    I never liked playing the blame game. For issues large and small; global or personal, finding a culprit when things go wrong is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Designating a goat makes us smug, superior or simply in control. Too often we designate a goat when circumstances are either beyond our control or the

Portion of Tetzaveh: Preserving Our Uniqueness

Portion of Tetzaveh: Preserving Our Uniqueness

  This past Monday I joined four colleagues at Ireland’s Consulate in New York. We met with Ciaran Madden, Consul General of Ireland, to discuss his government’s impending vote supporting BDS. As we fortunately learned, the administration which Ciaran represents is opposed to any BDS legislation. However, Ireland’s...

Portion of Terumah: Where have All the Volunteers Gone????

Portion of Terumah: Where have All the Volunteers Gone????

As a rabbi, I try to find the good in all people. For example, when it comes to celebrities, I look beyond the surface and consider the more personal and selfless contributions they make to society. This past Sunday much of America focused on the Super Bowl; with emphasis on the game itself and the

B’Shallakh: Freedom for All

    We refer to this Shabbat as Shabbat Shira (Sabbath of the Song), in honor of the freedom song b’nai yisrael sang upon escape from Egypt. What resonates with us is not necessarily the contents of the song, but its ideals. We relate to the Shira because of our personal histories. We and/or our

Parshat Bo and the End of Entitlements

  Living in the Great Neck area has introduced me to the notion of entitlement. The other day I was waiting to make a left turn from Lakeville Road. to Marcus Avenue. The line of cars in front and was extensive, yet I patiently waited my turn along with everyone else. Suddenly, a driver from