For years my colleagues and I have discussed and debated the following question: To what extent can and should we address political issues from the pulpit? My long standing opinion is that the pulpit should not be a place for politics. Off the bima perhaps, but not from the bima.  God is not a member of any designated political party...

B’Shallakh and Singing: Sometimes a Little Luck Helps

B’Shallakh and Singing:  Sometimes a Little Luck Helps      As a sports fan I am somewhat of an anomaly. Since childhood I have been devoted to the Yankees, but never with disdain for the Boston Red Sox; a Yankee mortal enemy. I cannot however make the same claim about another Boston success story: The

Parshat Bo: Seeking Sanctuary

  February 2, 2017                            6 Shevat 5777   Parshat Bo:  Seeking Sanctuary   Decades ago, I read a Hebrew play about a group of religious men living through an Israeli-Arab war.  At the end of the play, one of the men learns that his son was killed in battle. As he is coping with the initial shock,

Vaera: Searching for New Meaning

     It is already the end of January and I am starting to think about Passover. For me at least, holiday planning takes several months; spring and Passover will be here sooner than we think! Actually, I am probably thinking about Passover because the Torah readings these days are about the slavery and exodus from

Shmot- A Whole New Ballgame

Borrowing a phrase from the athletic sphere, this Friday we will witness a whole new ballgame. A new President will assume leadership of our country.  When I lead the Prayer for our Country in synagogue this Shabbat, I will certainly pray for him to succeed.  I will pray that he possesses the wisdom to heal a country

Parshat Vayiggash: The Courage To Grow

     Last summer, I attended a talk given by Larry Tye, the author of an outstanding new book about Robert Kennedy. Tye’s work was noteworthy because he had access to dozens of Kennedy archives not previously available to the public. When describing Kennedy, Tye did not sugar coat his remarks. He spoke about the early Kennedy; who...