Vayiggash: Embracing Our Convictions

Vayiggash: Embracing Our Convictions As with most of you, I respond well to people with conviction. I may not agree with them on a particular matter, but I respect their integrity and sincerity. The subject of integrity arises in the Torah portion Vayiggash; but in a most unusual and ironic fashion. Joseph finally reveals his

Mikketz, Hanukkah and the Inevitability of Change

Mikketz, Hanukkah and the Inevitability of Change The plethora of non-conforming (and even irreverant) Hanukkah songs reminds me of Jose Feliciano’s controversial rendition of our National Anthem. In 1968, the (then) relatively unknown Feliciano sang the National Anthem at the World Series. His rendition was more soul than stodgy...

Vayeshev, Hanukkah and Today’s News

Vayeshev, Hanukkah and Today’s News Today I want to share two, distinct thoughts. The first thought concerns Joseph, the featured attraction in this week’s portion of Vayeshev. After Joseph is sold to Egypt-bound merchants, he becomes the servant of Potiphar; Pharaoh’s most trusted official. Living at Potiphar’s...

Shabbat Shalom From Rabbi Klayman 11/30/17

As some of you know, the latest Star Wars movie is due out on December 15. Although I would have preferred Han Solo and Princess Leia riding off into the sunset, the movie moguls favor profit over happy endings. There is however, a recurring Star Wars theme which relates well to this week’s episode of

Vayetze and Thinking Beyond Ourselves

Yesterday, as I drove my son to his weekly volunteer activity, I listened to Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary) on the radio. He made a guest appearance to support Hungerthon; an annual radio drive to support the organization initiated by Harry Chapin decades ago. Despite his advanced age, Yarrow sang bits from his

Toldot and Courage

Toldot and Courage Sometimes, being a responsible parent or leader demands a little controversy and lots of courage. The Torah portion of Toldot offers a stirring illustration. In the midst of a painful childbirth, Rebekah hears the voice of God: Directing her to elevate Jacob (the younger son) as the next clan leader. According to