Hayai Sarah and Continuity

Hayai Sarah and Continuity In the past two weeks I shared in three, meaningful rabbinic and clergy-sponsored activities. The first (as I described last week )was a breakfast and discussion featuring Nehemiah Peres: son of Shimon Peres. He spoke about his father’s vision of always looking forward. To Peres, looking toward the future...

Vayera and Dreaming

This past week I joined a group of colleagues to hear Chemi (Nehemiah) Peres, the son of Shimon Peres. Mr. Peres (an accomplished businessman and activist) spoke to us about his father’s last book; a book about pursuing large dreams. Shimon Peres was certainly an accomplished statesman; as well as one of the central architects

Lech Lecha: Sometimes Thinking Small is a Big Thing

Lech Lecha: Sometimes Thinking Small is a Big Thing During Hebrew School this week, one of our classes learned about Habitat for Humanity. Habitat is an organization which -in part-enables poverty stricken people to live in affordable homes. Fortunately, our students are not growing up in poverty. They reap the benefits of hard working...

Noah and Just Doing the Right Thing

Noah and Just Doing the Right Thing From the movie Quiz Show I learned about the Charles van Doren TV scandal; how he won a fortune answering questions provided to him ahead of time. When van Doren testified before Congress several representatives praised him for stepping forward. One NY Congressman however, refused to praise van

Reflections About Simhat Torah and the Book of Genesis

Reflections About Simhat Torah and the Book of Genesis For many of us, the Jewish holidays do not conclude with Yom Kippur. We celebrate days of Sukkot along with Shmini Atzeret and Simhat Torah. There are synagogues activities, family activities and much, much planning which goes into these holiday observances. At this season of the

Shabbat Shalom From Rabbi Klayman September 14, 2017

I make this covenant…not with you alone, but both with those who are standing here with us this day before Adonay our God and with those who are not with us here this day. Deuteronomy 29:13-14 As a boy I rarely missed school due to illness. There was however, one positive thing in those days