From the Desk of R’ Klayman: Future Happenings at LSJC

February 21, 2019 Hello Everyone! I hope the winter has not been too severe up until now.  Do not fear, spring is coming! March 2019 at the LSJC will include a Sunday morning program on Jewish Sports Legends (3/3) as well as our Purim Celebration (3/20).  We are also looking at some special speakers for

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LSJC Purim Guide 2019

Please enjoy the LSJC Purim booklet prepared by Rabbi Klayman. It includes stories, lessons, and traditions for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

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Passover 2019 – Sale of Chametz

The document below contains the following:    Page 1: Sale of Chametz Form    Page 2: The blessings for the Search for Chametz (Thurs. night, April 18)    Page 3: LSJC Passover Schedule  

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