Daled Class   &    Hay Class

  1. Hebrew: Our students will learn several prayers, including the Sabbath Torah Service, the Amidah, the Ashrayand the Kaddish
  2. Jewish Values: Our students will continue to examine contemporary dilemmas from many Jewish perspectives.  Lively discussion will begin with cases drawn from the headlines.  We will study each case by reviewing what Jewish law has to offer-and then students will determine the outcome of the case, based on their study.

III. Torah Study and Beyond: With a book designed for pre-B’nai Mitzvah students, we will examine weekly Torah readings:  Understanding the text, exploring the values and mitzvot within, and looking at practical ways to implement the Torah values into our lives.

  1. Jewish Holidays: With a higher level of understanding, how can the holidays challenge our students to make their own contributions to modern Jewish life?  We will focus on thought provoking questions, interesting facts about customs in various communities, explore alternative ways to observe the holidays with meaning, and reflect on ways that each holiday can enrich the Jewish people.
  2. Putting God on the Guest List: As Bar and Bat Mitzvah approaches, what are the mitzvah obligations placed upon our students (aside from preparing for their ceremony)?  How do we make sense of God?  In what ways do Tallit and Tefillin represent the uniform of Bar/Bat Mitzvah?  To which organizations can/will we contribute our tzedakah money? These and other subjects will be part of our lively and candid discussions to help empower our students to prepare more spiritually for becoming Jewish adults.  Rabbi Klayman will lead these periodic discussions.