Hebrew School Classes

Hebrew School Classes:

Mechina Class 

Ages 6-7
Wednesdays 4:30-6:00 pm

Our goal for the Mechina class is to convey the joys of being Jewish.  We supplement our textbooks with stories, music and creative art activities to personalize Jewish celebrations and rituals.

  1. Jewish Life, Values and Celebration: Students will explore new Jewish ‘worlds’ through colorful magazines on the subject of holidays, synagogue, home, family, mitzvot, community and God. The booklets we use are prepared with young children in mind and will help children uncover/ appreciate the joys and beauty of Jewish life. Parent guides will be available to help connect the school with home.
  2. Hebrew:We will introduce students to Hebrew letters and key vocabulary words and phrases.  Through colorful booklets, art, and music we guide our young students toward a wonderful Hebrew experience!
  3.  Torah Study: We will bring to life the beautiful Torah stories from our past. Students will not only read and share these stories but will learn some important ideas appropriate for their age.
  4. In addition, we will share stories, songs and crafts, which make the Jewish year come alive!

Gozaleem Class 

Ages 8-10
Wednesdays 4:15-6:15 pm

Gozaleem (young birds) is the name for our combined younger grades. Students will be sub-divided into two groups based on age and Hebrew experience. The classroom teacher will work with both the older and younger students in a more creative and individualized way and will cover the following: 

  1. Hebrew: We will re-enforce the Hebrew reading from last year; and teach various Hebrew blessings and designated Hebrew prayers
  2. Jewish Holidays:Students will travel with Daniel and his Israeli cousin Rivkah to witness the Haunukkah miracle of the oil, cross the Sea of Reeds with the Israelites on Passover and learn legends and stories about each holiday.
  3. Jewish Values: On their specific level, students will address core values of TorahAvodah (service to God and to ourselves) and G’milut Hasadim(responsibility to help make the world a better and holier place). Our students will explore the meaning of K’dushah: Understanding and observing how Judaism can make our lives more special and will help make the world a better, holier place.
  4. Bible Stories:  We will explore biblical stories from Creation to the Exodus: Including themes such as My Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper, Rebecca’s Kindness, Jacob’s Struggle and Freedom and the Future.

Please note:
We are announcing a new pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah class for students ages 11-12.

This class will focus on ritual skill necessary for the B/B Mitzvah as well as values and activities to guide students toward a meaningful Bar and Bat Mitzvah experience. Please contact us for additional information.

Tel. # 516-466-0569

Email: office@lakesuccessjc.org


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