Mechina Class 



Our Mechina class will meet every Sunday.  Our goal for this class is to convey the joys of being Jewish.  We supplement our textbooks with stories, music and creative art activities to personalize Jewish celebrations and rituals.

  1. Jewish Life, Values and Celebration: Students will explore new Jewish ‘worlds’ through colorful magazines on the subject of holidays, synagogue, home, family, mitzvot, community and God. The booklets we use are prepared with young children in mind and will help children uncover/ appreciate the joys and beauty of Jewish life. Parent guides will be available to help connect the school with home.


  1. Hebrew:We will introduce students to Hebrew letters and key vocabulary words and phrases.  Through colorful booklets, art, and music we guide our young students toward a wonderful Hebrew experience!


III. Torah Study: We will bring to life the beautiful Torah stories from our past. Students will not only read and share these stories but will learn some important ideas appropriate for their age.


In addition, we will share stories, songs and crafts, which make the Jewish year come alive!